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Social Strategy & Development | Phillips & Jordan Construction

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Collaborating with Phillips & Jordan Construction's dynamic Communications Team was a delightful experience. In just three months, DCO played a pivotal role in revitalizing its social media presence. As a small but robust team, we focused on connecting with key demographics, fostering brand advocates, and developing a comprehensive strategy. Our efforts resulted in the creation of a new social media policy, targeted recruitment content, and a Media & Publishing Guide. Through dedicated collaboration, we not only dusted off their social media accounts but also laid the foundation for sustained engagement and strategic growth. The subsequent analytic success included a 15% increase in LinkedIn followers and a 185.3% surge in Instagram engagement.


  • Milestone Performance Metrics: Successfully met all KPIs, notably achieving a 15% surge in LinkedIn followers, reaching a total of 16,028, and a notable 22% increase in LinkedIn page views, totaling 5,238. Additionally, recorded an impressive 185.3% increase in Instagram engagement, averaging 311 interactions per post. Demonstrated growth on Facebook with an 11.3% rise in page visits, reaching a total of 6,682, and a commendable 10.3% increase in engagement, totaling 1.4K. These accomplishments underscore the effective execution of our strategic social media initiatives.

  • 36 Total Pieces of Content: Developed and curated a diverse array of 36 content graphics. Each piece was strategically crafted to align with the brand's narrative and engage target demographics. Themes included Company History, Recruitment, and Impact of Work.

  • Bi-Monthly Check-Ins: Implemented a structured bi-monthly check-in system to review and refine the overarching social media strategy. This involved collaborative brainstorming sessions, fostering an environment where innovative ideas were cultivated, and adjustments were made in real-time to enhance effectiveness and relevance.

  • Social Media Policy: Formulated a comprehensive social media policy, outlining guidelines, best practices, and protocols. This document served as a foundational framework for consistent and cohesive communication across all social media platforms, ensuring brand integrity, compliance, and a unified brand voice.

  • Media & Publishing Guide: Provides the team with a roadmap for creating and disseminating content on social media. This guide covered content formatting, tone guidelines, and platform-specific nuances, ensuring a harmonized and impactful media presence that resonated with the target audience.

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