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bestof23: Year in review

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

2023 has been a year of ups and downs. Let's count our blessings and reflect on some of our favorite movies, music, moments, and look forward to 2024.


Social Strategy & Development | Phillips & Jordan Construction

We began the year working with Phillips & Jordan Construction, developing it's social media strategy. In just three months, DCO played a pivotal role in revitalizing its social media presence. As a small but robust team, we focused on connecting with key demographics, fostering brand advocates, and developing a comprehensive strategy. Our efforts resulted in the creation of a new social media policy, targeted recruitment content, and a Media & Publishing Guide. Through dedicated collaboration, we not only dusted off their social media accounts but also laid the foundation for sustained engagement and strategic growth. The subsequent analytic success, including a 15% increase in LinkedIn followers and a 185.3% surge in Instagram engagement. Click to Learn More 


In 2023, WSSU and DCO completed the next phase of the PRIDE LIVES HERE branding campaign including 4 organizational logos and wall wrap. Click to Learn More 


Homecoming was bigger than ever this year, and a great time was had by all. I had the honor of designing the official flyers for the lineup of events, with PRIDE as the ultimate goal. When you see each design individually, you should feel the spirit and gain a clear understanding of the nature of the event. A big thank you to Danny Wooten and the Division of Student Affairs for providing me with this opportunity.

Colvin Engagement Video

I had the opportunity to produce the engagement video for Mayor Mitch Colvin and his wife Dr. Tamara Colvin. My goal was to produce a simple video that reflected bliss, love, and joy. The client provided the video and photos, a few edits included color correcting and sound mixing. This video ended up being used at the ceremony as well. Thank you Ray Thomas for sharing the opportunity and thank you to The Colvin's for trusting my vision!



This year in music was better than 2022 and Beyonce still had to put it on her back. This playlist includes my favorite songs from the year, with some being recent releases and others having been on constant repeat. For instance, "Beam Me Up" by Midnight Magic, courtesy of Häagen-Dazs.

Featuring Ciara, Travis Scott, Janelle Monae, Kid Cudi, Lecrae, and Victoria Monet.

Victoria Monet is BEST IN SHOW, Jaguar II is a classic album. Victoria continues to flex her artistry. The mic and pen are ON! The tour sold out in hours. She's nominated for seven Grammys, won two Soul Train Awards, and spoke with Kelly Rowland for Billboard. J. Cole recently spoke of a coming "Golden Age in Hip-Hop" on Lil' Yachty's podcast and I've been thinking about it ever since. I believe one is coming for music and Victoria is poised to shine even brighter—MTV or no MTV!

Ciara’s CiCi is another project that stayed on repeat. It was fresh but familiar at the same time. It sounds like Ciara has perfected her brand and sound, now let’s do a classic album to the same degree. “How We Roll” is one of my Song of the Year nominees. Chris cleaned up, and 11:11 was a foot forward as well. One record I had too much fun with is The Barbie Soundtrack. Dua Lipa’s “Dance The Night” is STILL on repeat. “Angel” by PinkPantheress was good, and “Barbie World” is a humble collab.

If Jaguar II isn’t Album of the Year, Utopia is. Travis Scott knows his lane and he continues to build on it. No, it’s not Birds in the Trap nor Astroworld but it is better than 85% of the RapCaviar playlist. This conversation also includes The Age of Pleasure. Janelle Monae's mature content in this album required thoughtful preparation, but it stands out as her most cohesive work. Stringing emotions and harmonies together, she crafts a clear theme and goal. An honorable mention goes to "The Love Album" for its traditional yet on-point contributions from artists like Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige, Jazmine Sullivan, and Dirty Money.

Lecrae stood out on features for me, I loved his collabs with Tasha Cobbs and Vedo. Tinashe produced some of the year's best songs on BB/Ang3l. “Needs” is a DCO Song of the Year nominee as well. She’s a great example of how labels and media gatekeepers still influence a lot. She’s dancing better than K-Pop’s finest and sounds better than many mainstream pop artists. I’m not necessarily screaming conspiracy but she’s been in the game since 2014, why hasn’t she been nominated for a Grammy? She was nominated for a Soul Train Award in 2014, BET, and Soul Train in 2015. Having released four albums since 2018, the fact that she has not received recent major nominations or featured on prominent platforms raises questions about who holds decision-making power at the table and what criteria they are using.

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