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Four Takeaways From Marketing & Millennials

BIG S/O to @derin.lindsey for organizing last night's event, it was great! He assembled an all-star panel who gave a lot of valuable information about #marketing and their #entrepreneurial journey. Here are four takeaways for the event:

UP YOUR FOLLOW UP GAME: Follow up with potential #clients, people who are supposed to contact you, new people you link up with. It's easy to follow someone on social and never #communicate again. Take the time to follow back up with a thank you #email, reminder or just a hello. SURRENDER: Stop trying to fight against the current, surrender and allow things to fall in place. There are 7 BILLION people in the world, we all can eat, don't let #competition rule you.

DON'T JUST ATTRACT, CONNECT: Give people a reason to connect with you. On #social, it's easy to lure people with great content but ensure you're truly connecting with them. Give me people a reason to follow and support. THE WORK ALWAYS WORKS: Everyone does the work, shortcuts only hurt you. If you truly do the work the right way, your #goals will come to fruition.

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