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Combat Negativity Through Connectedness

@LovnBri & DCO Branding have partnered to bring you four-post dedicated to self-care and mental health. We'll be publishing an entry every Sunday in the month of April.

Sometimes we experience a variety of emotions in a single day. If you’re very tapped into your emotions like me, you can experience several in the matter of an hour. There are many different ways to cope with and process feelings. For some, this involves journaling, exercise, meditation or prayer. These are all really good coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, our lives look so different now. A big part of that is spending a lot of time alone. This means more time with our thoughts and our feelings. I’ve seen many people post about increased feelings of anxiety, sadness, and worry. I myself have encountered these same emotions while under the stay-at-home order. It can be overwhelming. The impact of negative emotions manifests in different ways. So, how do manage our emotions and remain mentally healthy while alone? The answer is simple. We must do our best to remain connected to others. Psychological studies show that people who maintain close relationships see a reduction in negative feelings such as depression and anxiety. Research also shows that as we maintain these friendships over time, we are more satisfied with our lives. Connectedness involves a sense of belonging to something. It does not require tangible presence, but rather an internal knowing and agreement that you are joined to someone or something. Connectedness problem-solves for some of our inability to be physically present, it honors social distancing while the offering is the opportunity to maintain our friendships. Think about what staying connected can look like for you! Is it texting, FaceTime, or a phone call? Is it taking it back to the ’90s and sending an email? Is it spending a healthy time on social media platforms to share funny MEMEs and GIFS? Stay connected, people. Don’t waste away within your space. Take control over your mental space through connection.

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