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The Key To Less Stress

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

@LovnBri & DCO Branding have partnered to bring you four-post dedicated to self-care and mental health. We'll be publishing an entry every Sunday in the month of April.

When we’re stressed our body automatically goes into fight or flight mode. We’re hired wire to do something to de-stress and get out of harms way. What we do is significant in how well we are able to accomplish that goal. Proper self-care is an essential part of stress management. It reminds us that we are more important than our stressors.

woman eating a piece of chicken relaxing

There is no right or wrong way to do self-care. Often times we overlook the simplest ways to exercise it. I’d like to share ways for you to identify self-care strategies you’re already implementing in your everyday life and help you discover new ones! When considering self-care ask yourself this question: What am I doing when I am most relaxed or at peace? Is it a relaxed day in your bed with your favorite snack and beverage? Is it a cool glass of wine while you sit in your favorite chair and meditate? Also, consider the THINGS that invite peace and calm into your space. The scent of a nice candle. The feeling of a gentle breeze across your face. Self-care not only involves doing, but it involves being too. Being present. Being aware. Being grounded. Are you tuned in to your emotions? Can you identify your most pressing thoughts? What do you do to decompress? Ultimately, self-care is about calming your mind and spirit so that you can show up as the best version of yourself. Spend some time today brainstorming current and potential self-care strategies. Commit to implementing two self-strategies throughout the week. Stay well!

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