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theDCO digest | November 2, 2022

trappin out the house with the boards in the window

Yesterday, I woke up to this Takeoff news like you; it hurts. Migos is a part of my FSU Soundtrack. No Label came out my sophomore year. The Last Rocket is a solid solo album. Migos have produced some high-quality hood classics. Migos is in the Top 3 of ATL hip-hop groups.

I think of the man himself BUT ALSO….. the layers of social media, gun violence, and policing. Takeoff’s death is on a long list of black men killed by a gun.

What’s the state of being black in 2022? Where are the elders? Who are the allies? Where are the benefactors? What happens when we listen, support, and advocate for things that are toxic to our health? Sharing and defending gossip, unconfirmed news, or information is toxic to our community. Guns are toxic to our community. Jealousy is toxic to our community. Hate is toxic to our community. The lack of community policing is toxic to our community.

I’ve been shuckin and jivin grief the best way I can. I’m taking care of myself, God is good, and I’m working the steps the best I can. Yes, I’ve been taking some good naps, and the phone stays on DND. KevOnStage illustrated it pretty nicely. I miss my grandmothers. I miss B-Nasty. I would love to hear a new Nipsey record. I don’t like seeing my friends and family grieve. I miss my uncle. Let’s pray and lift each other up. Take care of yourself, and USE THAT PTO!!!!

P.s. yes, I’m considering jumping ship.

on the yard

on the screen

  • I’m on episode four of Dopesick on Hulu, featuring Michael Keaton and Rosario Dawson. It’s a slow burn, but it’s astounding to see how the opioid epidemic ballooned and ravaged communities because of profits and devils.

  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II joins Marvel as Wonder-Man; Disney+ series day.

  • Marvel defends explains She-Hulk VFX.

  • If you haven’t watched Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic on Netflix, do it now, the cast is awesome.


Company News

  • This format is new; we’re creating and being productive. 😅

  • The podcast will also return in the next few weeks; until then, listen to some mixes.

  • It’s the holidays; DCO has a service to fit your holiday needs. If you need a DJ for the holiday party, book the boy. Need a festive flyer, book DCO. Need someone dedicated to managing your holiday content efforts, book DCO.

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