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#SurvivingRona: Essential Tips for Barbers & Stylists

Despite lockdowns on physical locations, there's a lot of opportunity for barbers and stylists.

Make Away

Embrace the situation and pivot. Creating a mobile plan is vital! Take some time, do some research and jump in. If you can’t afford scheduling software, use Google Calendar. Accept payments via PayPal or Cash App.

IDEA: Call every customer you can and tell them about your new mobile plan. DM & inform everyone! This will give you an opportunity to build real relationships that will grow over time once things settle.

IDEA: SELL products, turn to e-commerce. Start a Shopify, Facebook Marketplace,

Creating Content

People and businesses are determining the worth of everything including things they’ve done and want to’re optional, when they pass on you, they should be passing on the best deal with the best value.

Do what comes easy to you and dive deep. If you can write, create a Twitter and a blog. If you can talk, start a web series or podcast. The time of entitlement is over, everyone has to prove yourself. Make content every day like you’re talking to someone new.


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