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#SurvivingRona: Essential Tips for Videographers & Photographers

Rona is stressing everyone out. But the person who can eat crow and bring the most value will win! Don’t be afraid of unfamiliar situations. If you have to Barter your services, DO IT. Determine your needs and try to leverage that for creative work and a new network. This may include waving a majority of your fees.

People and businesses are really determining the worth of everything including things they’ve done and want to’re optional, when they pass on you, they should be passing on the best deal with the best value.

Embrace the Situation

With people re-evaluating their spending, they will be re-evaluating you. If you can’t get work, create work! BE CREATIVE! IDEA: Begin a new series. This could be a neighborhood series showing how empty places feel or connect the community through highlights and interviews. Emphasize mobility! Determine how far you will travel and go-hard in your radius. How can you eliminate friction between you and the consumer?

Prove Yourself (aka Create Content)

Why should I hire you? I get you do “good work” but everyone is available now, why you? Don’t assume people know your work. More importantly, don’t feel entitled..prove yourself, CREATE CONTENT.

Do this by making as many videos (blog post, statuses) as you can talking about how/what/why you do what you do, what cameras do you have, why you chose them, what’s going on in the space!

IDEA: If you’re a videographer, go to a brands youtube and redo their videos and send it to them proving how better you are. If you do that for 20 brands a day, one will hire you. If you don’t, you now have 20 pieces of content that you can splice and format for other platforms.

IDEA: I can’t say it enough, start your Podcast. It’s free promo! Build a podcast to talk about your Craft or to build a network...or both. Don’t let your ego or other people’s opinions determine your’s a big world and if you don’t focus on brand or community, you will be another fish...not the Rainbow Fish.


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