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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

When is Fayetteville State University's Homecoming in 2022?

When is Fayetteville State University's Homecoming 2022 Football Game?

  • Saturday, October 8 at 2:00P in Luther Nick Jeralds Stadium

  • vs St. Augustine Falcons | Purchase Tickets

What are the events taking place during Fayetteville State University's Homecoming in 2022?

Several events traditionally occur at Fayetteville State University's Homecoming; this year, #NOHOE22 is kicking off in the Rudolph Jones Student Center Amphitheater for the MIDNIGHT Countdown; a lot has happened, so let's make this year's swag surf count.

The Comedy Show is on Wednesday..we'll update this when we get some details.

The Alumni Welcome Center begins Thursday in University Advancement at 10:00 AM. After, a link-up at Hooters, the day ends with Coronation, which is FREE and Open to All Alumni.

The All About The BLUE Festival kicks off Friday at 11:00 AM at the Rudolph Jones Student Center, celebrating our rich FSU legacy. Featuring performances, presentations, art, and more. The Step Show begins at 8:00 PM. I will ask, who's all performing? You can pre-game at the All Alumni Welcome Jazz Cocktail Party in the Seabrook Auditorium Lobby at 5:00 PM.

Tips for Saturday

  • Buy Your Tickets NOW - This is the most events I've seen during Homecoming weekend in a while, and I'm here for it. EVERYONE is throwing an event this year, EVERYONE, so there are OPTIONS. #NoExcuses

  • Support - Spend some money and network with some Broncos. Support looks like going to the parade, the game, donating, helping clean up, being vigilant, and taking two pieces of chicken, not three.

  • Turn Up - Let's enjoy this time, and take pictures. We've all been through a lot, and God's been good. That also means getting home safe, no drinking and driving...Uber exists.

Sunday concludes the celebration, events include Broncos Unity Fellowship, Campus Clean-Up, The Sixth Annual Miss FSU Alumnae Queens' Legacy Tea, and Open Mic Night.

Every Event We Know So Far | Schedule

Sunday, October 2

Monday, October 3

Tuesday, October 4

Wednesday, October 5

Thursday, October 6

Friday, October 7

Saturday, October 8

Sunday, October 9

Where can I get some Bronco Gear for Homecoming '22?

What are some Hotel & Lodging options?

As information is announced, we'll continue to update.

GET in the #NOHOE mood with some wallpapers.

How can I learn more about Fayetteville State University's Homecoming?

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