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Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Featuring a home full of guests. We hung out and talked about cotton....enjoy.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON THE TERM "GHOE": Indeed, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Is an amazing institution, of quality and substance. The Aggie's impact has been seen regionally and internationally, and we honor the work. But in terms of homecoming, the "G" in "GHOE" refers to the great concentration of people on a single campus, all else is conjecture. When you look around and see black people everywhere, hugging, and smiling....and realize most of them are alum or closely affiliated, it is indeed GREAT....#1 in volume! I had fun but it was a lot of fashion shows and social clubs...not nearly enough shucking and jiving. Also, let's get some traffic cones and open every food option. Again, Go Aggies! 🥳

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